Walk A Mile

Successes and Struggles

Excerpts from July Story Circle

Dan on College Hurdles

Kathleen on parents (skip to 47 sec.)

Colleen on Family

Check out these links to hear excerpts from our June Story Circle. The theme was “Teen Years,” and youth and community members shared some of their experience as teens.

Teen Years Story Circle: Introductions

Teen Years Story Circle: Transportation

Teen Years Story Circle: Daily Routines

July 7, 2015: Today, we had a photo-storytelling workshop, where we wrote poems and made photo-collages to represent them. Genesis made this.

Genesis VD

Late June: We’ve been working on recording some music lately. Here are a couple great examples: Best Friend I’ve Ever HadI’ll Follow You into the Dark

With the support of a three-year grant (2014-2017) from the Vermont Children’s Trust Foundation, the Northfield Teen Center’s Walk A Mile Project works to promote youth voice. Youth and community members have been working together to share stories, creating empathy and connection. Mentors work closely with youth to develop and enhance multimedia and storytelling skills. This page contains an ongoing display of some of the work youth have created. Stay tuned.


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