Visit from BTC

Last week we had a visit from the Basement Teen center and a lot of cooking happened! The Basement Teen Center shared their tradition of Tea Time, a time where everyone comes together for a moment or two over a cup of tea, and in our case brownies, cookies, pudding, and croutons all made from scratch. To all the chefs that put those snacks together thank-you! I hope everyone had a good school break. We are back to regular hours Monday- Thursday open 2-6 pm, and Friday 3-10 pm! Programing for the week Tuesday 28: PREP Wednesday 29: Clay Day Thursday 30:PREP Friday 1: Sushi dinner and thank-you cards, has everyone tried sushi without fish? It is one of my favorite things to make! Next Monday 4: Weaving day You may have noticed PREP in the Program! Come in today and grab a permission form to sign up!