Starts this week!

This past week we had some awesome kitchen explorations including making cheese! It was soft delicious and cool to watch milk curdle. Coming up this week… Today 30: Starts for the garden, Tuesday 31: 1,000 Paper Cranes can we make that many in one day? Wednesday 1: Ice Cream Party, Thank you to everyone who took the survey! Thursday 2: CTF, Let’s get some project ready for Green Living Fun Living Friday 3: Filmmaking With Carlos, this Next Monday 6: Starts some plants!


Mid March

Last Friday we had a great group of people play Uno and charades! It was fun to come together to play games! This week Today 16: Storytelling Tuesday 17: Soda Bread Making Wednesday 18: Screen Printing! Thursday 19: CTF Friday 20: Athletic Activity!Next Monday 23: Sketch that Story!

Spring Forward

Last week James and I went into the school and led a Photography Workshop. We taught people about how to use the new cameras at the NTC to tell stories. We are going in again this week to lead another Workshop at the school. It is pretty exciting to think that soon there will be so many camera experts that James and I will not be the ones leading the photography workshop! Today 9: we have sledding, it is getting warmer outside and so we have to sled while we still can!Tuesday 10: Teen Council, let’s use this time to focus on what we want to create in the Teen Center! Wednesday 11: CLOSED, sorry I will be at Training Thursday 12: CTF and Nick is coming to visit Friday 13: Cheese Making, I am so excited to come back after training and make cheese with everyone! I do hope it turns out! Next Monday 16: Storytelling, come share more about yourself and learn about other Faces that come to the NTC!

Back to Normal Hours at NTC

Last week we played Adventures! We were such risk takers that we often were caught in the Tomb and no one won the game. We also practices buttoning a shirt without using our thumbs, danced, practiced analogies, and became actors in our own Gorilla Theatre. Coming up this week Today 2 we have a dreamers retreat, Tuesday 3 CLOSED for Town Meeting Day, Wednesday 4: 100 ways to sit in a chair, Thursday 5: CTF with Lauren, Friday 6: In a pickle, Next Monday 9: Sledding. Welcome to March Friends!