Vacation Week

Last Friday we played Colt express with Kreig! The game board was a 3D representation of a train. It was a cool game to try out! This week the school is on break that means we can hang out at the NTC from 1-5! On the schedule Today 24 we have Storytelling Wednesday 25: Mini-Northfield Creation and Tutoring with Connor Thursday 26: we have a workshop with Gail doing Gorilla Theatre Friday 27: Polar Bear Sledding Next Monday 1: Dreamers Retreat. It will be an action packed week!


Game Night this Week

Last Friday we made Burgers in the Kitchen at the NTC. Our night was packed with yoga, pingpong, cooking and a game of Pandemic! Today 17 Silverware creation, lets try creating some sweet bracelets. Wednesday 18 Dear future me, write a letter to the future you.Thursday 19: Closed sorry friends. Friday 20: Game Night with Kreig! Kreig has some spunky new games to try out! Next Monday 23: National Banana Bread Day I think that means we make banana bread so we can sit around eating it together and sharing stories.

Special Events: The NTC will be open from 1-5 Monday February 26th through March 2nd to accommodate school vacation days!

NTC Teen Council Week!

Last week we had a trip into Montpelier. I loved walking around the town looking at pictures of window screens, glasses, youth art work, and eating cheese. This week we have some fun people coming into the space! Today 9: Teen Council!Tuesday 10: Story Telling Wednesday 11: Animal Creation and Tutoring Thursday 12: CTF with Lauren Friday 13: Workshop Next Monday 16: Closed for Presidents Day Hope to see you at the NTC!