We Were Swept Clean

On Saturday we had volunteers from Norwich come for a clean sweep. The space looks Great! I am so excited to explore it more and……we are getting a new couch! Maybe that should have been a surprise but oh well! Last week we had breakfast for dinner and that was so much fun! I learned how to make french toast. I have never done that before! There was some crazy bacon making and potato cutting! Coming up this week: Monday 26: we have some free write and draw….I wonder if I wrote something if someone would illustrate my writing? Drawing is not my strong suit but then again maybe I should practice drawing so that it become a skill I am proud of.  Tuesday 27 Photo scavenger hunt. It is going to be cold outside so bundle up! Wednesday 28 we have another cold day but we are doing a now sculpting mural! We also are starting a new program. Tutoring Program with a Norwich volunteer! Thursday 29 We have a Video workshop we can learn how to make videos that are powerful and impact people! Friday 30 Well I think we will have had some snow this week so lets get some sledding in and Hot Chocolate. Next Monday 2 We have the Faces of Northfield project.


Project Bound

We are back on the track and running at the NTC! Last week was a lot of fun. I met some new faces too. It is really exciting when new people come to the space I love seeing how each person at the NTC affects the community! We had a lot of visitors from the Senior Center last week to collaborate with during our photography workshop. There was a woman who went to school in the Grey Building, a woman who did sled dog racing, a woman who has a cat that attacked toys like crazy! These women were wonderful to meet. We are off making projects getting ready for the Art Walk trip to Montpelier Feb 6th! Here is what is coming up this week:Tuesday 20 we have sledding! It has been so long since I went sledding and I think the hill we have at the building will be great! Wednesday 21 pass it on drawing. Thursday 22 Movement Machine we need every BODY! Friday 23 Board Game creation! and Next Monday 26 free write and draw! See you at the NTC!

Happy New Year NTC Team!

The NTC started off this week with some yummy Caramel Apple making. Unfortunately I did not know how to spell Caramel very well and had to spell check it a bunch of times. I guess old habits die hard! We tried making the Caramel (there is that word again) from two different types of sugar…Brown sugar and granulated sugar. We found that the Brown sugar was sticky and did not harden very well. Our assumption is that it may have not been heated up enough to harden. Tuesday 13 we have the first Teen Council of the year! We have some fun things to announce today and we are excited to make plans for 2015! Wednesday 14 we have an activity called Helium stick.  Thursday 15 we have a photography workshop with Ned and some special guest! Friday 16 we have a drawing game. coming up next Monday 19 we are CLOSED for Martin Luther King Jr. Day. However, if you are interested in volunteering on this day there are some activities going on in Montpelier. Come check in with me and I can get you the details!