Teens Giving Feast

Last sunday we had a huge bake sale! So many people supported the Teen Center and we sold a lot of cookies! Last week it was awesome to see so many people baking cookies together at the NTC. Way to go TEAM! Today 24: we have a Scavenger Hunt with new cameras! These cameras are for the Walk a mile project that is starting up soon! Come check out this new equipment. Tuesday 25: Teens Giving! We will be making lots of yummy food and celebrating the good things in LIFE! Unfortunately Wednesday 26: we are CLOSED, Thursday 27: CLOSED, and Friday 28:CLOSED. But come on over Next Monday 1: for our Clay Creation day!


Bake Sale SUNDAY!

Last week we had some wicked projects in the NTC! A foosball table was destroyed and is being brought back to life! We are also creating a huge 3D boat for the Bake Sale on Sunday! Coming UP: Today 17: Dominion and Cribbage and BAKING! Tuesday 18: Screen Printing and BAKING! Wednesday 19: CLOSED Thursday 20: Clay Creation and BAKING! Friday 21: Workshop and BAKING! I hope you are sensing a theme! We have a lot I mean a lot a lot of BAKING to do for Sunday! Next Monday 24: Scavenger Hunt!

Special Events: This Sunday, November 23 Come on out and help sell Baked goods! This is an important fundraiser for the NTC! The sale is at Cabot Hosiery Mills / Darn Tough. Tuesday, November 25: We have a Teens Giving at the NTC! We will have a celebratory community dinner for Teens age 13-18. This event will be bountiful aka lots of yummy Food!


Teen Council Week!

A blast from the past: Last week we had Ninja training out on the lawn. Friday omelets were made and many T-Shirts that support the End of Factory Farming. This project will continue, so come to the NTC to help out. Today 10: we are growing sprouts! Watch out for Tuesday 11 because we are CLOSED! Wednesday 12 we have visitors from Norwich leading us in Jeopardy! Thursday 13 is Teen Council! Learn more about what is going on this month! Help us decide what should happen in the space! Friday 14, Dog Biscuit Dinner! Come make dog biscuits for a dog shelter near Northfield! Looking to the future…..Next Monday 17: Dominion and Cribbage! Special Events: November 23 we are doing a bake sale at Cabot Hosiery Mills / Darn Tough. We are looking for people to donate baked goods. If interested in donating please e-mail!


A note from last week: it was Halloween of Friday! At the NTC we celebrated with dancing, food, costume, and games. Needless to say it was a wonderful night. Today our calendar, well, it unfortunately got a little mixed up. I blame it on the time change that happened Saturday night. Today 3, we are not growing sprouts but creating Mural Decorations! Something crazy happened this weekend. Volunteers came to the NTC for Clean-Sweep and the space is all switched around! I would say that it is time to decorate this space for the fall. Tuesday 4 let’s keep our creativity flowing and do some Screen Printing. Wednesday 5 we have to say goodbye to another beloved friend, Matt! Come say Bon Voyage! Thursday 6 is Ninja Training. Friday 7 we have a Moving Motion workshop. What is that? Come to the NTC to find out more about this program. Next Monday 10 not to totally confuse you but we will be sprouting some sprouts! I am excited for our first week in November and can’t wait to see you at the NTC!