Cooling Down!

Last Friday we played a wicked game of Pandemic. Adrenalin rushing, we tried to save all humanity from disease! We were unsuccessful and all human civilization fell to disease; hopefully, we can play again this week and protect the world! Today come play some Basketball. I know it is getting cold out but hey it’s not freezing yet! After the game let’s go make some hot apple cider to warm up! Tuesday 21 let’s stretch our creativity as we make costumes out of what we have! I’m thinking masks and maybe something with fabric? Wednesday 22 we hope to carve some festive pumpkins with care. I mean these poor pumpkins have knives going into them all month this is a scary time of year to be a pumpkin! Thursday 23,  Video creation. Can we make a video as a group? Something we can watch on Halloween night? Friday 24, come spend more time on those costume creations. Also, we can make a scarecrow! Next Monday 27, the ghost are coming out to play help us scare them away with a game of Ghosts in the Graveyard! That’s all for now folks! See you at the NTC!



Wonderful Week

A sweet note from last week: we had a cheesy (literally we made cheese dip) goodbye party for our friend Dan! Teen council discussed the idea of having a NTC Teen Leader come take with James or me to learn more! Wednesday 15 we will have a Foosball practice. Thursday 16 come show your scary face, or your scared face with Terror photos. Friday 17 we have storytelling and dinner. Come listen and tell the tales of old. Tales about you, a friend, or those of your favorite author. Next Monday 20 let’s hope for warm weather so we can play Basketball. That’s all for now folks see you at the NTC!


Dan’s Last Day, Colleen becomes a Regular at NTC

So today is the day we have all been dreading. Today is Dan’s last day. We will miss him. Come to the teen center Today 6 to celebrate Dan’s Last Day. I am very excited to be joining you for this celebration and start being at the NTC regularly! Tuesday 7 we have Teen Council and Flyer making. This will be my first Teen Council I am really excited to learn more about what goes on at NTC and what the future holds! On Wednesday 8 we are CLOSED. Come on back Thursday 9 for Creative Writing and an open Mic at 5. I’m thinking snacks and entertainment sound good. Also Nick will be joining the NTC on Thursday! Friday 10 we will have a Fall Harvest Dinner. What does that mean? I’m not sure but lets decide what that will look like this week. Up coming Next Monday 13 the NTC is CLOSED.